Serena Williams Saved Own Life After Giving Birth


Serena Williams saved her own life after giving birth because apparent complications.
Serena Williams recently graced the cover of Vogue with her baby girl, Alexis Olympia, and opened up about her traumatic post-delivery experience. And a few days after sharing her story, she wrote a Facebook post.

The tennis superstar, who had to undergo an emergency C-section after her heart rate skyrocketed during delivery, faced multiple, terrifying complications after giving birth to her daughter. Williams, who has a history of blood clots, even had to advocate for herself and alert doctors that she was having a pulmonary embolism (blockage that occurs in the lungs, usually due to blood clots). Sure enough, tests showed clots in her lungs and she began treatment.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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