Friday, June 14, 2024
welcome to the AMIBC™ Founders Club.
AMIBC™ puts forward a global perspective of people, places, things, and issues that affect, entertain, and impact African-American life and those embracing the culture.
The FOUNDERS CLUB by AMIBC™ was formed to give our readers a stake in the growth and direction of AMIBC™ aka American Internet Broadcasting Corporation.
AMIBC™ reports on issues, vetted news, and opinions impacting African-Americans domestic and internationally.
DID YOU KNOW AMIBC™ CREATED AMIBC Founders Club™ (Complimentary Membership) AND Reporters Cloud Desk™ to empower subscribers a degree of participative ownership in the growth and development of AMIBC.
Street (Crowd) reporters can now discreetly and confidentially report through the 24hr/365days Reporters Cloud Desk. Vloggers, bloggers, and crowd reporters are encouraged to inquire.
AMIBC Founders Club™ member opinions matter in the direction and decisions of the editorial staff. Founding memberships are offered perks and incentives for readership loyalty to AMIBC™ and affiliated companies.

As with any publisher we rely on advertisers and sponsors to cover our human resources and business expenditures. Support our journalism utilizing our advertisers.
Readers from around the world, like you, make AMIBC’s work possible. We need your support to deliver quality, vetted journalism – and to keep it open for everyone. At a time when factual, honest reporting is critical, your support is essential in protecting our editorial independence. Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our future. One of our reliable advertisers is RJ Travel Advisors™ which is a Sandals Resort Certified Specialist. Wherever you see and Sandals or Beaches resorts banner or logo on our site please tap on the image or text to book online direct or contact RJ Travel Advisors™ direct for all travel globally. You may also contribute any amount to AMIBC™ on our PayPal contribution page along with Bitcoin options.


Currently there are two ways to join the AIMBC Founders Club, FaceBook and Our social media presence is vibrant and updated daily. Presently there are no subscription fees. Subscriptions to the Founders Club will end after January 31, 2021. Special offers through our affiliates include international travel to AMIBC™ forums, special pricing on African-American art and numerous unique items through ZOLAMO™. Membership announcements, rewards, and prizes are published in our members newsletter. Make sure to subscribe and be a valued member of this exclusive club by subscribing today! Remember, it’s Free!

“Be a Part, Not Apart”

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