Friday, September 20, 2019
An Open Invitation From:

James C. Frasure III Chairman/CEO
American Internet Broadcasting Corp

YOU are invited to be a grass roots founding member of a media and publisher effort. AMIBC℠ was born out of the backlash of truth-anemic “fake news” and the manipulation of big legacy news corporations delivering biased, omissive, tainted fruit journalism.

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As America wallows in the mire of crippling partisanship, corrosive ideologies, and divisive dogma, AMIBC℠ stands ready for growth posturing itself with fresh, articulate, steadfast clean hands.
America needs AMIBC℠

Our mission is to:
AMIBC℠ reports vetted news and opinions. AMIBC℠ narratives reference historical facts, not biased based ideologies.
AMIBC℠ further serves as a beacon of light for the politically muted, disenfranchised, unjustly targeted, and the historically oppressed.
AMIBC℠ hails unwavering engagement with a call-to-action bull-horn.

As one famous world figure told another famous world figure at the Helsinki Summit July 16, 2018, “The Ball is in Your Court”.
AMIBC℠ founding members have an opportunity in shaping its future.

Join now 👉 AMIBC Founders Club 👈 on Facebook before November 9, 2020 after which time the AMIBC Founders Club will not accept new founding member requests. Founding members privileges include access to exclusive product discounts, discounts on advertising spaces on AMIBC.COM and other AMIBC℠ Network channels.

AMIBC℠ plans include forums hosted in select cities, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, along with other YTD member functions and perks.
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⚠️Wait no longer. “Be a Part, Not Apart.” ℠⚠️


James C. Frasure III

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