Buying a Sporty Car, Skip the Dealership


Buying a Sporty Car, Skip the Dealership

Buying a car, like most things that require scads of money, should be fun. Unfortunately, car dealerships tend to be only slightly more mirthful than dental offices (and decorated similarly).

For those who aren’t keen on dingy waiting areas stacked with dated magazines, Porsche AG this week began allowing customers to pick up their vehicles at the company’s Los Angeles “Experience Center,” a kind of asphalt-covered Disney World for car nuts.

Instead of a stale cup of coffee, there’s a fine lunch in Restaurant 917. Rather than an anodyne highway through the urban hinterlands where dealerships cluster, there’s a sinuous track. And in place of a salesman, there’s a professional driving instructor who will spend 90 minutes helping the proud owner put their toy through its paces.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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