Mitch McConnell says America Made Up For Slavery


Mitch McConnell says America Made up for Slavery by Electing Barack Obama

Ta-Nehisi Coates Takes Down Mitch McConnell on Reparations in House Testimony

Ta-Nehisi Coates Addresses Mitch McConnell in House Testimony

By James C. Frasure III

Mitch McConnell has given his justification argument against reparations. We now have our marching orders.
DEMOCRATS MUST TAKE THE SENATE IN 2020. Too many people think slavery was a nominal gift from God. People similar to Mitch McConnell think African Americans owe him and people that look like him just because. The unfortunate fact America’s moral conscience is on display and replete with the election and re-election of Mitch McConnell followed by his subsequent fellow GOP lawmakers.

“All worthy investments pay back dividends and returns par the impact of the initial appreciating investment. A GOP senate finds no value to the slaves founding investment. The GOP thinks they are beholden to receive riches with no sense of indebtedness.

The reality is the slave holder’s descendants and others are the distinct implied beneficiaries of slavery 150 years ago or 400 years ago. Slavery laid the financial basis for today’s U.S. economy. The slaves were long-term investors and their descendants are the recipients of a delayed, accumulative, accrued, TRUST FUND, with ongoing cash injections. That is a procedural fact of family wealth fiduciary responsibility. This is a simple fact how long-term appreciating investments are realized in America.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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