Waitress at Upscale Mexican Resort Wrote the N-Word


Black chef outraged after waitress at upscale Mexican resort wrote the N-word on her lunch receipt

A Houston chef’s Mexican getaway was ruined after a waitress at her luxury resort wrote the N-word on a receipt to describe her and a group of friends.

Tiffani Janelle was in Tulum to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday when her group decided to kick back for a day of cocktails and food by the beach.

But their beautiful afternoon at the Be Tulum resort, where rooms start at $450 a night, came to a crashing halt when Janelle asked to pay for the bill.

Scribbled on the receipt, under ‘table description’, were the words ‘Yee N****s’.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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