Illinois Cop Shot Unarmed Black 12-Year-old in Bed During


Illinois Cop Shot Unarmed Black 12-Year-old in Bed During

Illinois Cop Shot Unarmed Black 12-Year-old in Bed During Botched Raid: Lawsuit
An officer put black tape over his badge and covered his body camera after shooting 12-year-old Amir Worship in the knee during a pre-dawn raid on his home, the lawsuit alleges.
An Illinois mother filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing police officers of “terrorizing” innocent children after her unarmed, 12-year-old son was shot in his bed with an assault rifle during a pre-dawn raid on their home.

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The lawsuit alleges that nearly two dozen Country Club Hills and Richton Park SWAT officers entered Crystal Worship’s home in May with exploding flash-grenades and automatic rifles to execute a search warrant intended for her boyfriend. During the raid, her black son, Amir, was allegedly shot by a white officer as he sat on his bed with his hands in the air and suffered a shattered kneecap.
“There is a silent epidemic of trauma being perpetrated upon the children and families of color by Chicago and South Suburban police barreling into the wrong homes, handcuffing innocent adults, holding guns on children, handcuffing children, trashing their homes, refusing to show warrants, and screaming dehumanizing commands,” Al Hofeld Jr., the family’s attorney, said in a press release announcing the lawsuit.
“Now, children are being shot in their beds,” he added.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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