Inside UK Drill, the Demonised Rap Genre


Inside UK drill, the demonised rap genre representing a marginalised generation.

Until recently, mainstream media have actively ignored drill, but are now jumping on a bandwagon of blame – not hesitating to pinpoint blame on the music and its disciples for perpetuating a recent spike of violence in London
London feels like a war zone. In 2018 alone, the Metropolitan Police has reported 50 knife and gun-related deaths in the UK capital, with an ominous spike – the highest in a decade – in the last two weeks.

What seems like indiscriminate, inexplicable crime is having its root causes dissected and, in a state of moral panic and unfolding debate, mainstream media is clumsily pointing to one direction, the current soundtrack of the UK’s streets: drill.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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