Patterns of Sanctioned Police Violence Hidden for Years


Videos of Louisiana Troopers Beating Black People Have Been Systematically Hidden for Years, Report Finds

Videos of Louisiana state troopers beating Black men have been hidden and concealed by supervisors for years and reveal a pattern of violence, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Video Of Deadly Arrest Of Ronald Greene Obtained By AP

In the past decade, there have been a dozen cases in which Louisiana State Police troopers or their superiors overlooked or concealed evidence of beatings or hampered attempts to root out misconduct.

The review comes as state police in Louisiana face scrutiny over violent incidents involving white officers and Black men.

Ronald Greene, a 49-year-old Black motorist, died in 2019 during an arrest after he eluded a traffic stop then led troopers on a high-speed chase.

Police initially told Greene’s family he died as a result of a crash at the end of the chase despite little damage to his vehicle. Later, authorities acknowledged there had been a struggle. Finally, in May of 2021, body camera footage showing that Greene was dragged, tased and beaten as he begged for mercy prior to his death was published by the AP.

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Hours after Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth learned he would be fired following an internal investigation into Greene’s death, he died in a car crash. Hollingsworth was filmed on body camera footage bragging that he “beat the ever-living f–k” out of Greene.

Trooper Kory York, who was seen dragging Greene, was suspended without pay for 50 hours but has returned to duty pending the outcome of an ongoing federal investigation.

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This week, Lt. John Clary, who had been accused of hiding footage of the encounter that was mysteriously missing from an investigative file sent to prosecutors was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Footage made public in August of another May 2019 traffic stop showed that Louisiana troopers hit 46-year-old Aaron Larry Bowman in the head and body 18 times with a flashlight. The incident took place three weeks after Greene died.

Bowman was forcefully removed from his vehicle by troopers following a traffic violation and beaten with an 8-inch aluminum flashlight by trooper Jacob Brown, who later justified his actions as “pain compliance.” AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!


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