Harris proposes $74.5 billion Investment


Kamala Harris Proposes $74.5 Billion For Black Higher Education And Businesses

Sen. Kamala Harris rolled out two new policy proposals Friday aimed at closing the wealth gap among black Americans, focused on investing in higher education and entrepreneurship.

As the only graduate of a historically black college and university running in the 2020 presidential race, the Howard University alum proposed what her campaign calls “the next major planks in her Black agenda.”
The California Democrat wants to invest $60 billion in science, technology, engineering and math education at HBCUs. Harris, who graduated in 1986, references her formative college years on the campaign trail, frequently initiating the “H-U… You know!” chant across the campaign trail.
In 2016, the US Department of Education found African American students received about 8% of all STEM bachelor’s degrees and only 4.5% of STEM doctorates. In 2011, the department found that just 6% of the STEM workforce was black.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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