NRA Investigated: Money Flowed to Board Members


NRA Investigated: Money Flowed to Board Members

The NRA just got caught in a financial scandal that could bring them closer to extinction

The NRA — already beset with accusations that its senior executives spent its members’ dues and contributions on exorbitant perks like expensive hand-tailored custom Italian suits — apparently also showered money on nearly a quarter of its otherwise unpaid board members according to the paper’s investigation.

The revelations add to the pressure on the NRA to explain to its members and to state and federal tax authorities exactly how it monitored its spending and ensured that its funds were not misused.

In all, 18 members of the NRA’s 76-member board, who are not paid as directors, collected money from the group during the past three years, according to tax filings, state charitable reports and NRA correspondence reviewed by The Washington Post.

With the powerful gun lobbying group under severe financial constraints after its fundraising has diminished — as it typically does when it’s unable to fear-monger off the back of a Democratic president whom they can accuse of trying to take away Americans’ guns — it’s now facing a revolt from its members over questions about the integrity and competence of its leadership team.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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