Protesters March in KCK Calling for PD Chief Firing


Protesters March in KCK Calling for PD Chief Firing

Protesters march in KCK against police misconduct, calling for Chief Zeigler to be fired

Protesters held what they call “a March for Justice” Wednesday(6/5/2019) evening in downtown KCK.

Dozens marched to police headquarters to protest what they call “decades of misconduct” by the KCK Police Department.

“This will only begin to fix a problem caused by decades of corruption and negligence. We will stand to see this through,” said Rev. Dr. Bobby Love of Second Baptist Church in Olathe.

It was a specific call to action as they marched around City Hall and straight toward police headquarters.

Protesters called for the immediate termination of KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler, an investigation into the full department by the Department of Justice, and an investigation into former KCK Deputy Roger Golubski by KBI and FBI.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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