64 Percent Of Republicans Say Affirmative Action ‘Unfairly Discriminates Against White People’


Whopping 64 Percent Of Republicans Say Affirmative Action ‘Unfairly Discriminates Against White People’ — Almost TRIPLE Everyone Else

Republicans are almost three times as likely as everyone else to say that affirmative action policies “unfairly discriminate against white

In a new Yahoo! News/YouGov poll, respondents were asked “Which of the following comes closer to your opinion” about affirmative action policies?

They were given two choices. An overwhelming 64 percent of Republicans responded that “Affirmative action programs have gone too far in favoring minorities, and should be ended because they unfairly discriminate against white people,” while only 19 percent chose the other option.

Among all other respondents, a majority said that “Affirmative action programs are still needed to counteract the effects of discrimination against minorities, and are a good idea as long as there are no rigid quotas.”

That includes a 67%-14% majority of Democrats and a 40%-35% plurality of independents. Only 23 percent of non-Republicans agreed that affirmative action policies “should be ended because they unfairly discriminate against white people.”

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases challenging affirmative action policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina. From The New York Times:

The court has repeatedly upheld similar programs, most recently in 2016. But the court’s membership has tilted right in recent years, and its new conservative supermajority is almost certain to view the challenged programs with skepticism, imperiling more than 40 years of precedent that said race could be used as one factor among many in evaluating applicants.

“Affirmative action has repeatedly been administered last rites during the last five decades,” said Justin Driver, a law professor at Yale. “But these two cases unmistakably pose the gravest threats yet to affirmative action’s continued vitality.”

The case against Harvard accused it of discriminating against Asian American students by using a subjective standard to gauge traits like likability, courage and kindness and by effectively creating a ceiling for them in admissions.

The paper also notes that “The court’s new conservative supermajority may be skeptical of admissions programs that take account of race to foster educational diversity,” a reference to the six justices who were appointed by Republican presidents — three by former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden has pledged to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!


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