Simone Biles Penalized for Elevating Gymnastics


Simone Biles Penalized for Elevating Gymnastics

‘I Don’t Think That’s Fair’: Simone Biles Is Being Penalized for Elevating Gymnastics With Difficult Routines

You might have heard that Simone Biles did her double-twisting double dismount off beam in the qualifying round of 2019 Worlds on Oct. 5. If you haven’t, know that it’s two flips and two twists in a tucked position. In simple terms, it’s very hard to do and no one has ever done it in competition — until Simone, of course. It’s now officially dubbed “The Biles” and will soon be in the gymnastics rule books forever.

To go over the basics quickly, in order to get a gymnastics skill named after you, you have to submit it to the FIG Women’s Technical Committee, then proceed to land it at a major competition such as a World Championships. It’s given a value — these range from A (one-tenth of a point) to J (one full point, thanks to Simone’s triple-double on floor, now called “The Biles II”) — and added to the FIG Code of Points bearing your name. Those are the basics, but since FIG released the value for Simone’s new dismount, it has stirred up controversy.

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The FIG Women’s Technical Committee gave the double-double dismount an H value, meaning eight-tenths of a point. Right away, Simone took to social media to say it was “bullsh*t.” One reason is because her dismount is only worth one-tenth higher than a full-in on beam, or a double tuck with a full twist. As one Twitter user whom Simone has retweeted a number of times accurately explained, a double tuck off of the beam is worth a D, or four-tenths of a point. The full-twisting double tuck is worth seven-tenths, or a G. Following that pattern, Simone’s dismount should be three-tenths higher, or a J, because it adds another full twist. Instead, it was given a value one-tenth higher. That may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s about being rewarded for the risks you take. In fact, the National Women’s Technical Committee gave Simone’s double-double dismount an I value, or nine-tenths of a point, when she performed it at Nationals this year.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!


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