Serena Williams Highlights How Abusers Use Money


Serena Williams Highlights How Abusers Use Money

Serena Williams Highlights How Abusers Use Money to Violate Their Partners

Earlier this summer, following a disappointing loss at the Wimbledon finals, Serena Williams told reporters, “The day I stop fighting for equality and for people that look like you and me will be the day I’m in my grave.”

Williams continues to make good on her word, this time launching a new film that seeks to draw more attention to financial abuse, a control tactic present in 99 percent of all domestic violence cases, according to one recent study. Still, nearly half of Americans aren’t aware of the problem—or its warning signs.


In her new PSA, created in partnership with the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse, Williams lists examples of the different manifestations of financial abuse: a partner who takes credit cards in your name and maxes them out, controls your paychecks, demands receipts for every purchase, or stops you from working.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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