TMZ Apologizes To T.I. Over Precious Harris Report


TMZ Apologizes To T.I. Over Precious Harris Report

TMZ Apologizes To T.I. Over Precious Harris Report, Says It Was “Inappropriate & Wrong”

The rapper has been grieving the loss of his sister after she passed away unexpectedly.
Mourning the loss of a loved one is already difficult, and that’s something rapper T.I. has been experiencing after the tragic death of his sister, Precious Harris. Back in February, the 66-year-old was driving a vehicle when she reportedly had an asthma attack and passed away. Since that time, T.I., along with his friends and family, have continuously paid tribute to the Precious. The rapper has made sure to honor her memory in every way possible in light of her untimely death, but when TMZ shared the medical examiner’s findings as to the cause of her death, the rap star became infuriated

Shortly after publishing their article, T.I. called out TMZ on Instagram Live. “As long as you’ve known me, Harvey, I’ve been respectful, I’ve been cordial, I been polite, I been kind, I been fair,” he said. “You just burned that bridge. I hope your story was worth it. You just burned a bridge. To not just me, but everybody around me. All my family. Anybody who stand with me, anybody who stood with Precious…will not stand with you.” The rapper called for a boycott of the publication.

Following the emotional Live, TMZ retracted their initial story and wrote a lengthy apology to T.I. “Earlier Thursday, we posted a story about T.I.’s sister, Precious Harris Chapman, and reported the Medical Examiner’s official findings on her cause of death…we were wrong to do it,” they wrote before saying that the Harris’ family’s anger is justified.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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