Trump Blows Up White House Meeting


Trump Blows Up White House Meeting

Trump blows up White House meeting over nasty feud with Pelosi

The president called off bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure after the speaker accused him of a ‘cover-up.’
President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a public and bitter feud on Wednesday, with the president detonating bipartisan negotiations over the speaker’s accusations of a “cover-up” and Pelosi bluntly responding: “I pray for the president of the United States.”

The breakdown resulted in Trump declaring that he will not work with congressional Democrats as long as they pursue oversight investigations into him and his administration.

“Let them play their games,” Trump said in a heated 12-minute news conference in the Rose Garden after he abruptly called off the meeting about infrastructure. “We’re going to go down one track at a time. Let them finish up and we’ll be all set.”

The explosive encounter at the White House shattered the good bipartisan vibes emanating from positive budget talks on Tuesday, and startled attendees. The Democratic lawmakers said Trump made them wait, complained about their probes, canceled the meeting and left in a span of just a few minutes.AMIBC® - VOTE! BE COUNTED! BE HEARD!

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